Gary Eastman, San Diego Intellectual Property Attorney

Eastman & McCartney is a mid-sized law firm that specializes in intellectual property and civil litigation with locations in San Diego, California and Bakersfield, California. Our team recognizes the importance of tailoring our services to the particular needs of our clients. At all times we strive to develop the maximum amount of protection available to our clients under the law and within a timeline that complements our clients’ business objectives.

Eastman & McCartney maintains a team of attorneys and technical specialists with a diverse skill set that enables our firm to efficiently assimilate our clients’ technologies and businesses. Our firm handles intellectual property matters ranging from the development of intellectual property portfolios to the enforcement of intellectual property rights at trial.

In the event that litigation is required to protect our clients’ intellectual property rights, Eastman & McCartney is committed to providing representation that does not lose sight of our mission of delivering value. While we hope to resolve disputes amicably, we understand that not all disputes should be settled. To that end, we remain committed to representing our clients through the trial process to seek justice on their behalf.

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